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Award-winning Film is exact replicate from book:  Best Original Story Winner from Cannes Film Festival (2022)  and nominated by the Paris Film Festival (2021) plus winning best animated and best instructional work from Indie Film Festival and Davis International Film Festival through the instructional video USB - Flash Drive - wallet style:  Audio-visual storytelling experience in sharing the nine metaphors from A Storybook for Adults and Other Children:  For Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families. 8 to 14 minutes each story with illustrations, animation and professional voices bringing the book characters to life.  A Story Guide and Reflections (interactive activities) are at the end of each story for Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families to help clients and students address social issues such as diversity, releasing fears, friendships, connection-separation issues, being in the moment (mindfulness), competition, achieving ability to believe, self-esteem and identity-purpose.

A Storybook for Adults and Other Children 

for Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families

 A Storybook for Adults and Other Children to address life/social challenges such as diversity, competition, connection-separation, self-esteem, identity-purpose, being in the moment (mindfulness), fear, friendship, and achieve ability to believe.

Klinker, the Rainbow Clown - Diversity

The Swan - Connection and Separation

Buttercup and the Beauty Contest - Competition

Shy Violet - Self-esteem

Star - Identity-purpose

Snowflake's Fate - Being in the moment (mindfulness)

Old Ollie the Octopus - Fear

Puffer, the friendly cloud - Friendship

David and the Musical, Miracle Merry-go-round

A USB for visual/audio viewing on a monitor is also available and serves as a therapy-teacher tool to be used for workshops or conferences.   Sold separately is the full color, gift style, beautifully illustrated book with a Story Guide and Reflections (activities) for MH professionals, teachers and families to engage in conversations about social issues and life's challenges with individuals or groups.

Connecting with your inner child contributes to social and spiritual growth.






We are on the cutting edge of innovative interventions in therapeutic services for clients, students and families.

One with the Light is the integration of social, spiritual and scientific concepts and purpose is to teach higher consciousness.  As you think so  you are.  Your thoughts are powerful and can change your life.  Change your thoughts and your thoughts will change your behavior.  Do you want to be in control of  your thoughts or out of control with your behavior?  

Have you worked with the Unconscious Transmission?

Is  your therapeutic approach working in reaching clients?

Has your external teacher found you today?

One with the Light shares many insights along with questions worth answering on this path called life.

A second therapy-teacher tool is  A Storybook for Adults and Other Children which provides a safe and inviting intervention in addressing social issues and life's challenges. 

*I Believe in Angels - You have to be willing to risk to fly with the Angels (Reprint/Update 2022). This book is about a woman's climb in the Himalayas near Mt. Everest and the easy part of the journey was losing her passport and travelers' checks in the San Francisco Airport and realizing it in Korea. She eventually met the Sherpas who guided her up the mountain and two weeks later carried her in a basket on their backs to an evacuation plane in order to save her life. On Christmas she had met His Holiness, the highest ranking Lama of Nepal, and he taught her to live a life without hardship. This book is about the many women who have endured many challenges as they climbed their mountains and the author shares with the reader how to begin to live life with ease.